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​Hi! I am Specialist Dietitian Nurhayat Göktepe, Sports nutrition is of great importance in terms of physical development and protection of physical health in order to achieve a high level of performance in activities. Inadequate and unbalanced nutrition can lead to some health problems, resulting in poor performance and fatigue. Good nutrition is the biggest key to increasing the success of the athlete. The energy need of the athlete is determined by age, gender, eating habits, the duration of the sport and the branch of the sport. The muscles of the athletes contract strongly during the training, the heart beats faster, and the rate of pumping blood to the body increases. The lungs work faster and an increase in the number of breaths is observed. For such reasons, the athlete's energy needs are higher. The daily energy, nutritional values and fluid consumption should be determined clearly for the individual. It is also very important for the athlete to take enough fluids. When exercise and nutrition program are carried out together; The daily energy needs of the athlete are fully met and an increase in performance is observed while fatigue disappears. With a strong immune system, the risk of disease and injury decreases, while the recovery time of possible health problems is accelerated. Ideal body weight and fat ratio remain in the ideal range. Attention and concentration are maintained until the end of the activity. Athletes should never start sports hungry. Foods that have not been tried before before sports should not be eaten. Foods that are difficult to digest should not be consumed. It is necessary to avoid raw vegetables and fruits and dried legumes. Gas-producing foods should also not be consumed. The purpose of nutrition before and after sports is to eliminate hunger, provide energy and provide fluid needs. Adequate carbohydrate, protein and fat intake should be provided with an appropriate nutrition program in order to prevent muscle loss in the body and to ensure recovery.

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